The Kitchen Sink Episodes


The Kitchecn Sink Episodes

THE Kitchen Sink Episodes
Written and Directed
by Da Carla

Episode 01.Abe an Amiel |in bed death
Time 04:38 (V1.first draft release)

Music by Da Carla
The Petal Drops
DaCarla / Drums,vocals,guitar
Jonjon guitar /bass
Linda Akinson / keyboards,vocals
Blair Reese / guitar

The Kitchen Sink Episodes | Characters : Abe and Ameil
Written and Directed by Da Carla Kilpatrick
Dp:Sierra Hayworth | Assistant Director Brianna Frisbey
Actors:DaCarla Kilpatrick, Tana Alert, Kimberly Smith

Extra special vocal tracks
Talent: Toshia Christal / Audio VO
Talent: Oteria Wofford / Audio VO

behind the scenes

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